Static and Dynamic Website Designing

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Website Designing involves a major step of webpage designing. Webpages are the pages on which your contents are seen and each webpage has a unique URL which directly leads you to that webpage. Webpage are broadly distributed into 2 categories

Webpage Categories

  • Static Webpage
  • Dynamic Webpage

So let us understand what is static webpage and what is dynamic webpage. These 2 differences in web pages are based on the content. If the content of the page is static that means it is not changing depending upon the external variables for example user inputs, user actions, user credentials then such pages are called Static Web pages if website is having only static web pages then it is called as static website.

If web pages are interactive, changes as per the inputs of users, their actions then such pages are called dynamic pages. Generally each dynamic page has a ‘code behind’ page which decides the flow of action and way the web page will render. If your website has some dynamic pages then a website is called as dynamic website.

Generally all dynamic websites has few static and few dynamic pages. This gives you some customization and everybody needs and loves customization. Even for a simple enquiry form, login facility, news module for website all requires dynamic web pages and hence now a days people tend to keep their website dynamic rather than static. Content Management System that is CMS is also one kind of dynamic websites which allows user to change the contents of website by logging into their website.

So how exactly your website should be?

Answer is simple a good dynamic website is compulsory to attract more attention of user. A study suggest that instead of simple static website a dynamic website attraction 250% more customers and it gives visitor confidence in your business.

Aristo Web Design provides Dynamic as well as static web Designing services in Pune and all over the world.

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