Does website speed affects seo?

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What exactly is page speed?

Page speed is time taken for website to load on a browser after user enters website url or clicks on a link to open url.

How to measure a page speed?

Google has provided a developer tool to check the page speed. PageSpeed Insights provides user facility to check how much time their website takes to load. After entering url it analyses website for mobile and desktop and gives a score out of 100.
Google suggests 2 kinds of fixes after that one is that a developer should fix it to rank better and others is consider fixing which are relatively less important but still beneficial if done.

Choosing a right web hosting is also an important criteria when it comes to SEO. So a choice of right web designer matters a lot; your web designer can suggest you which hosting suits you best depending upon your audience and traffic.

After google made it clear that faster loading webpages will have a benefit in ranking, the webmasters all over the globe started to optimize their website so that it loads faster. As per the estimate from last 4-5 years average waiting time by the internet user after entering url decreased from 10 sec to 4-5 sec. People don’t want to wait and if your website takes more than 6-7 seconds you may be probably missing 70-80% of your customers.

Google made it clear that you should do following things to improve your page speed

  • Enable compression- enabling compression can actually cause faster download of web page contents.
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML- removing unnecessary contents from css, javascript and HTML file reduces the loading time too.
  • Reduce redirects- reduce too many redirects to load the website faster,avoid landing page redirects.
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Improve server response time.
  • Use a content distribution network- CDN is also very helpful tool when you are planning to reduce server time.
  • Optimize images- you can optimize images so they gets downloaded faster.
  • Page speed diagnostics.


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